Oct 9, 2011

Rainy Day Faves

Orlando has been under a monsoon all weekend, I'm talking nonstop pouring and grey skies. I've sort of liked it, as being stuck inside has "forced" me to get things done that I otherwise wouldn't have had time to take care of. I've been crafting (want some hairbows? I make and sell them! ), baking (more about that later), and overall just being chill ;)
To brighten up my gloomy day, I thought I'd share a couple of my new favorite things.
My birthday was a few weeks ago (22, getting old) and I used some birthday money to buy some cute Victoria's Secret yoga pants that I've been dying for.
Super cute!
I also have some new amazing Wayfarers, thanks to Taryn and her mom :) They are tortoise shell frames with black lenses. I can't wait for the sun to come back out so I can wear them again!

1 comment:

  1. A Belated Happy Birthday! Love the yoga pants. Hope the sun is back and you're able to wear your nice new sunglasses! x