Oct 30, 2011


First off, I'd like to address a serious issue: who allowed Halloween to fall on a Monday this year? Mondays are entirely too inconvenient for a holiday involving partying, sugar highs, and drinking. For those of us who are plagued with classes, work, tests, and homework due on November 1st, celebrating on October 31st just isn't an option. Ergo, the invention of Halloweekend-- the celebration of the holiday on the weekend before.
For my friends and I, this included a party on Friday night and clubbing in our costumes on Saturday night. I love seeing which costumes people choose (Cleopatra, Snooki, ambiguous slutty something) so I thought I'd do a post on my costume.
I was so excited to be the Black Swan this year! Thanks to my roommate and her fantastic makeup skills, my costume turned out just as I imagined it would. For those of you wondering, the makeup consisted of lots of black gel liner, white baby powder mixed with a bit of water, white shadow, and white liner. I had so much fun fulfilling my childhood Prima Ballerina dreams!
What is everyone's costumes for this year?


  1. Can't believe you grouped my costume in with Snooki and ambiguous slutty something. Is it because of the rickshaw comment?

  2. hahaha, I didn't mean it like that! My mind went blank as to what some of our other friends were. (Because really, what were they? Nothing memorable.)

  3. We saw a few avatars, about a dozen Alices in Wonderland (not sure how to pluralize), and that Plan B girl at Henry's.

  4. Plan B!! lol ...yes...that was interesting...

  5. Although I'm about 96% sure that wasn't a costume.

  6. your outfit is AMAZING!!!! a bunch of my co-workers and i went as gotham city's finest-- i called dibbs on catwoman and we had so much fun at this patio bar. :)

    ps. i'm so glad to have you in my ornament exchange! it's going to be fun :)