Jun 3, 2012

Going on Hiatus

As of today, Kathryn Rose will be going on hiatus indefinitely.  This isn't the end of a good thing but rather the beginning of two great new things, as we've each created our own blogs.  This split certainly doesn't indicate any kind of personal or professional (if this little blog could be considered such) rift between Bre and myself.  We're still best friends and continue to support one another's ventures in the blogging world.  We've simply reached a, perhaps inevitable, point where our blogging interests have begun to diverge.
That said, please follow Bre's new fitness blog (Skinny) Arm Wars and my new whatever blog Taryn Rose.  Thank you for caring about two college girls' outlet for our love of personal style, as well as said college girls as individuals and (hopefully) both our new outlets.