Oct 30, 2011


First off, I'd like to address a serious issue: who allowed Halloween to fall on a Monday this year? Mondays are entirely too inconvenient for a holiday involving partying, sugar highs, and drinking. For those of us who are plagued with classes, work, tests, and homework due on November 1st, celebrating on October 31st just isn't an option. Ergo, the invention of Halloweekend-- the celebration of the holiday on the weekend before.
For my friends and I, this included a party on Friday night and clubbing in our costumes on Saturday night. I love seeing which costumes people choose (Cleopatra, Snooki, ambiguous slutty something) so I thought I'd do a post on my costume.
I was so excited to be the Black Swan this year! Thanks to my roommate and her fantastic makeup skills, my costume turned out just as I imagined it would. For those of you wondering, the makeup consisted of lots of black gel liner, white baby powder mixed with a bit of water, white shadow, and white liner. I had so much fun fulfilling my childhood Prima Ballerina dreams!
What is everyone's costumes for this year?

Skin Care Sunday #2: Essence of Beauty Cleansing Sponges

I first heard of facial sponges in one of Andrea's monthly favorites videos. I started using Essence of Beauty Facial Sponges a few weeks ago, and I love these things. (I just picked up my second pack.) I was a bit apprehensive at first; they seem a bit stiff and abrasive, like dish sponges. Once you get them wet though, they transform into soft, cushiony amazingness, simultaneously soft enough to use around delicate eye areas yet textured enough to gently exfoliate skin. Facial sponges can obviously harbor bacteria, so I give mine a thorough cleaning with Sonia Kashuk Brush and Sponge Cleanser every other and throw it away about every 7-10 days.
Have you ever used facial cleansing sponges? If not, I suggest giving them a try.

Oct 25, 2011

Snow May Not Accumulate, But My Clothes Will

I made a wishlist of things I'd like to accumulate if winter ever reaches Orlando, by some miracle. I put it together with the nifty little look-maker at shopstyle.com. Most of the items seem like typical winter staples, but we just hardly have the weather to wear them down here. The top moccasin is by Tory Burch, obviously the ideal shoe, but I put my more realistic shoe (price-wise) underneath.

Oct 22, 2011

Weekly Favies

10. The video that has me almost motivated enough to do something about my trainwreck of a dresser
9. Hard Candy's holiday collection
8. I desperately wish someone would have a masquerade ball in Orlando.
7. Taylor's too-adorable-for-words vintage dress
6. The ever-fabulous Nina Garcia's Target picks
5. Why I'm incredibly jealous of Facebook employees
4. Helena's primary colors
3. China Glaze stocking stuffer sets, particularly the fingerless gloves one
2. Kaitlin's quirky chic Library-inspired outfits are right up my alley.
1. Someone buy me this kit.

Oct 21, 2011

Oct 18, 2011

Finding Inspiration

It's been a few days since I last blogged...ok, quite a few. I am trying my best to stay on top of it though! Anyways, I thought I'd share a post from one of my favorite blogs, today. The single greatest thing about the world of fashion blogging is finding inspiration from others' posts! Seriously, I sometimes wonder how people ever got dressed without the internet and blogs. This morning, I was skimming over the latest posts from Sincerely, Jules and saw this fantastic vest she was wearing in her post from yesterday. I normally am not a vest person (probably because my mom forced me to wear tacky ones in the early 90's) but I loved how tough this one looked. Apparently, it was gifted from AE, but I couldn't find it on their site. However I did find another fabulous vest, of another completely different style--who knows, maybe vests will be my new obsession? AE styles their vest with plaid and other fall-ish, woodsy clothes but I think I would stlye mine a la Rachel Zoe, with a girly frock underneath.
By the way, if you haven't already picked up on it, Taryn posts more about beauty products and I post more about clothing. We are equally obsessed with both, but I think we've found our little niches. Maybe we'll be the next style conglomerate.
XO, Bee

Oct 16, 2011

Skincare Sunday #1: The Body Shop Cucumber Cleansing Milk and Freshening Water Review

I've decided to start doing Skincare Sundays, because my skin always manages to look its worst on Sundays (after 3-4 nights of sleep deprivation, heavy drinking, Taco Bell fourth meals, etc.) Also, I'm a sucker for alliteration.
On to my review of the Body Shop Cucumber Cleansing Milk and Cucumber Freshening Water: Let me go ahead and apologize for how ratty these bottles look, but I make it a point to actually use something for a few weeks before giving my official opinion. Okay, now on to my review: These products are amazing. Like holy grail, performed a miracle on my combination skin, freaking amazing. The Cleansing Milk is so creamy and cool and refreshing, and the Freshening Water evens out the oiliness on my nose and forehead without over-drying my cheeks and jaw like alcohol-based toners do. I don't know what else to say about this duo except that you need to go get both these products immediately.
*Content and image belong to me.

Oct 15, 2011

Weekly Favies

8. The juxtaposition of Helena's undeniably preppy sweater with an otherwise edgy outfit
7. Orna-ment for Each Other from Nicole by OPI's upcoming Holiday Glitters collection
6. Chunky knits, especially when worn with soft, feminine pieces a la Taylor of Sterling Style
5. Sheila's seemingly simple tightlining how-to (I've never been able to master the technique.)
4. Um, Andrea's boots
3. Kardashians, nuff said.
2. How sick is the stripey effect of this metallic nail polish from Nails Inc?
1. I die for Kate Spade's cheeky "Eat Cake for Breakfast" tote from her Spring 2012 collection.

Oct 12, 2011

Ulta Be Beautiful 64-Piece Collection c/o Beauty by Krystal

It's been about two weeks since I found out that I won second prize in Beauty by Krystal's Dainty "Thank You" Giveaway. I originally know Krystal from Luuux, but she also has a truly amazing blog. (If you don't already follow her on both of these sites, you definitely need to.) After tearing open the cardboard box like a velociraptor, I just had to snap a picture of Krystal's beautiful presentation. From the stylish gift-wrapping to the sweet note on the back of her supermodel status postcard, it's easy to see how much care she put into sending me this gift.
The collection is housed in a rad, apricot, faux-snakeskin two layer box with a nice, big mirror. The top layer contains a concealer, thirty-six eyeshadows, two double-ended eyeliners, and eight double-ended sponge applicators. Pulling out a petite drawer at the bottom reveals eighteen lip colors, four blushes, a bronzer, a powder, two lip brushes, and a face brush. The shadows are mostly neutrals, with a few subdued purples and greens--definitely my kinds of colors.
I literally can't wait to go play with my new palette, but you can definitely expect to see swatches and looks some time in the next few days.

Oct 9, 2011

Rainy Day Faves

Orlando has been under a monsoon all weekend, I'm talking nonstop pouring and grey skies. I've sort of liked it, as being stuck inside has "forced" me to get things done that I otherwise wouldn't have had time to take care of. I've been crafting (want some hairbows? I make and sell them! ), baking (more about that later), and overall just being chill ;)
To brighten up my gloomy day, I thought I'd share a couple of my new favorite things.
My birthday was a few weeks ago (22, getting old) and I used some birthday money to buy some cute Victoria's Secret yoga pants that I've been dying for.
Super cute!
I also have some new amazing Wayfarers, thanks to Taryn and her mom :) They are tortoise shell frames with black lenses. I can't wait for the sun to come back out so I can wear them again!

Oct 8, 2011

Eye Full

It's been like a few years since I posted, but school has been out of hand this semester. I pledge to do my best to keep up with blogging.
A few weeks ago, I received a free sample of Mary Kay Lash Full mascara (yay free stuff!). I've been wearing it ever since, so I thought I'd use it as an opportunity to review the mascara on the blog.
For about the first week, I was completely sold, I thought it was an amazing product. I had full, long, gorgeous lashes. After that week, however, the mascara started to clump. The brush and my eyelashes were full of mascara globs. I quickly found a solution though by lightly squeezing the little clumps with my fingers.
So all in all, if you are a person who doesn't mind getting your hands dirty for the sake of beauty, you will be rewarded with gorgeous eyelashes.

Oct 1, 2011

Weekly Favies 9/25-10/1

All week long, I've been bookmarking fashion/beauty/rando pictures and articles that I love. I hope they make you smile too.
7. iVillage's The 5 Perfect Pieces No Woman Should Be Without (I'm now deeply concerned about the holes in my wardrobe.)
6. Cult of Pretty's genius solution to temporary dip-dye hair.
5. The effortlessness of Lindsey Saucy Glossie's socks with booties.
4. Helena Glazer of Brooklyn Blonde's jewelry and accessories in this post, and in general.
3.These pumpkin pancakes from Sterling Style.
2. Andrea of Blonde Bedhead's baggy sweater-maxi dress combo, which I never would've thought to wear together but now can't wait to emulate.