Feb 3, 2012

January Loves

This is going to be kind of a December-January Loves, as I never got around to posting one of these last month. If I had, there would have been a ton of overlap, as I've been using pretty much the same products. (Please ignore how dirty my stippling brush is.)
8. Christmas Cupcake Yankee Candle
I bought myself this delicious treat the day after Christmas (on sale for around $10) and have been burning/loving it almost every day since. There are truly no words for the divinity of this scent.
I'm not sure why they market this as a "Highlighting Brush" when it can be used for so much more. (I actually don't even highlight with it.) As you can see it's a duofiber stippling brush, sometimes referred to as a skunk brush, which I find absolutely adorable. This is my first brush of this variety, and I've been kind of obsessed with it. Although a stippling brush can be used in about a million different ways, I've been using it for achieving a more natural application of powder products, namely matte bronzer.
6. NYC Sheer Red Lipstick
I believe this is from their Ultra Moist Lipwear line, but the packaging doesn't say. (Look for the black bullet tube.) I first heard about this universally flattering shade from the ever charming Emily Eddington. When I picked one up from CVS for like $1.99, I instantly fell in love. This is one of those blue reds that magically whiten your teeth. As the name implies, it's just sheer enough to keep it from overwhelming my medium-warm skintone. This has been my go-to for nights out, paired with understated eye make-up.
5. Organix Moroccan Curling Perfection Defining Cream
This budget-friendly alternative to MoroccanOil Intense Curl Cream is the holy grail of curly hair products and the subject of the first post in my Splurge vs. Save series.
I'm fairly new to cream/gel eyeliners so while I don't have a ton to compare to, this liner is very smoothe and easy to apply. Coffee is the perfect deep, matte brown. I also have this liner in Gunmetal, Black, and Midnight. (At only $3 a pop, I'll probably end up getting all of them.) I've been wearing Coffee pretty much every day, winged out just the slightest bit beyond my lashes.
3. Starbucks Via
Since I'm practically impossible to shop for, relatives and family friends mostly gift me checks, gift cards, and the ever convenient and delicious Starbucks Via Ready Brew. My favorites are Christmas Blend 2011 and Italian Roast.
2. Almay One Coat Get Up & Grow Mascara
I've been trying to find a worthy replacement for my long time favorite CoverGirl Lash Blast ever since I decided to go cruelty free, and I'm happy to announce I've found it in Almay GU&G. This really is one of those more is more kind of mascaras I love. What I mean by this is the more of this mascara you apply, the fuller your lashes magically appear. I mostly concentrate the product near the base of my lashes for volume, but it's the kind of formula that can also be combed through the wispiest lash ends for length.
1. Vintage Gucci Watch
This little treasure, circa 1970, was a Christmas surprise from my mom, the one person who can both shop for me and keep surprises from me. She's basically a grown up, better funded version of myself (but that's fodder for another post).
What do you think of my January Loves? Have you tried any of these products? What were some of your favorite items this month?


  1. The watch is really pretty and I love Starbucks as well.

  2. I love my SK stippling brush, only thing I dislike is the massive shedding, but it's not harmful to the awesome effect it creates with my face products ;)

  3. Sunnie, thanks. I'm kind of addicted to Starbucks.

    And, Krystal, I've only washed mine once and didn't experience any shedding. I've heard it sheds more if you use it for foundation? :/

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