Feb 19, 2012

Do's and Don'ts of Gym Wear

DO’S AND DON’TS OF GYM WEAR Everyday street style is important. What you wear to class, dinner with friends, movie night with the boyfriend all says a lot about you and your personality. The gym, however, is not necessarily a place most people put thought into their appearance. And this can be (somewhat) understandable; nobody expects you to look like Adriana Lima in your bootcamp class while sweat is pouring down your face and your hair is looking like a hot mess. However, there are some important considerations: 1. The number 1 rule? Do not,under any circumstances, wear normal leggings as workout wear. While same people may make the argument that leggings are never ok, I think they're fine under a longer top. But the gym is no place for these leggings! What you may not realize is that because street leggings are so thin, once you get to sweating and stretching, you're letting the whole world have a see-through view of your tush. Ew. If you wanna go for the leggings look, make sure they are legitimate work out pants, made by an athletic company. 2. Leave the push-up bras at home. There are always a handful of girls strutting around the gym in a tight, low-cut tank top with their boobs pushed out. Please, there is no way you can comfortably do sprints on the track or and inclined position moves with all that going on. 3. Do leave your cell phone in the locker. Yes, we all have cute cases and we all like to listen to music on our phones, but there is no need to text in-between every set of crunches. You would burn more calories if you didn't stop to check your messages every 5 minutes. And talking on the phone while using the elliptical? You're just ticking off everyone who can't find an elliptical to use. 4. Makeup. Ok, even I sometimes go to the gym with makeup on because I'm coming straight from class and work. That being said, by the time I leave it's also dripping down my face and looking like a rendition of The Joker's makeup. If you leave the gym and you not only have makeup on, but it looks just as good as before your workout? You didn't push it hard enough. One real piece of advice? Take any makeup off before you hit the gym; it's not very healthy for your skin to be soaking up all that foundation and concealer while you sweat.


  1. Awesome post. I wish we could manage super stealthy spy cam pictures of girls breaking all of these rules.