Feb 6, 2012

Jason Craze

Hopefully, you knew about the Jason Wu for Target line that came out yesterday. If you didn't, you're a nobody. That being said, Taryn and I went to scope the line out in hopes of finding some cute shirts, dresses, and accesories. What we found was essentially a leftover lot of unwanteds. If you thought this line was going to be nowhere near as popular as Missoni for Target, you were seriously wrong. The accesories display was wiped clean, no remnants besides the hooks the silky scarves and Spring-ready handbags hung from. Taryn was lucky enough to find a bow tie top (which I'm sure she'll be posting about soon) in extra small, while every other shirt left over was size XL. I, however, was seriously duped by Target. Finding some cute floral dresses on the backside of the display, I naturally assumed they were Jason Wu. Wrong. I got home and noticed the Exhilaration tags hanging from the dress. While it's a cute dress, the fact that I was tricked into believing it was a Jason will have me returning it at the next possible opportunity. If you're interested in keeping up with the craze, here is a link to the maddness going on out there: http://racked.com/tags/jason-wu-for-target


  1. I don't know why we assumed this wouldn't be just as insane as the Missoni collab. We're camping in the parking lot for the next one.

  2. i know it was really nuts! i got there early thank goodness! i know what dress you are talking about. you should totally keep it, its really cute!