Jan 1, 2012

Hangover Beauty Tips

Happy New Year/national hangover day. Is there any more perfect day to share my hangover beauty tips?
1. Opt for water instead of coffee. As a caffeine addict, I understand the appeal of an iced venti quad nonfat caramel macchiatto when your head is throbbing from last night's shots, but while coffee might help a bit with your headache, it will surely dehydrate you even further. Instead try two Excedrin Migraine and a giant glass of water.
2. While we're on the subject of dehydration, drinking a copious amount of hunch punch does quite a number on drying out my face. (Maybe I also hypothetically made out with a bearded stranger.) For dry skin and lips, I recommend my old stand-by, Aquaphor.
3. To reduce the appearance of bags, try running spoons under cold water, then holding them to your eyes.
4. For tired-looking, red eyes, I apply white eyeliner to my waterline as well as a bit blended onto my tear duct. One coat of mascara gives the illusion of bigger, more awake eyes.
5. A bit of blush and/or bronzer will compensate for drained, pale skin.

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