Jan 27, 2012

Fashion Five Friday: January 21-27

My weekly linky post has evolved quite a few times since we started this blog, but I might have finally figured out what I'd like to do with it. Since the majority of my posts end up being beauty-oriented, wouldn't it be a nice change of pace for me to dedicate one day a week to posting the fashion I've been bookmarking/drooling over? So here's my first (hopefully of many) Fashion Five Friday:
5. Kani's whimsical take on polka dots
4. Tara's artful approach to layering necklaces
3. Fashion for a cause is so fetch. (Get it?) I especially love "Trouble Maker" and "Party Animal"
2. Valentino's collection for spring is like a little girl's tea party gone couture.
1. This Chanel 2012C Yellow Leather WOC Wallet on a Chain is bananas. (Get it?)
Sorry for the bad puns.


  1. these are some cool links ;) thanks!

  2. Thanks for checking them out; I'm glad my finds could brighten someone else's day. :]