Nov 11, 2011

I just created this post on Mary-Kate and Ashley's line, Elizabeth and James, for job application. What do you think?

Remember the cutie-pie little Michelle, played by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, from the 90’s hit show, Full House? Remember the cute bows, pastel dresses, and sweet rompers that composed the character’s outfit? Fast forward about twenty years and you have the Olsen sisters and their fashion forward, high-end brand Elizabeth and James. Gone are the days of adorable, four-year-old outfits; chic platform heels, fitted pants, and fabulous accessories have arrived.

Started in 2007, Mary-Kate and Ashley named their clothing line after their younger sister and older brother, Elizabeth Olsen and James Olsen. While this type of clothing brand was a new venture for the twins, it was not their first fashion line; in the early 2000’s, marykateandashley was launched. This line was carried by Walmart stores throughout the United States, supplying preteens with affordable looks that mimicked the twins’ personal style. Before Elizabeth and James, The Row was also created. The Row is a luxury line, a far cry from the preteen line of Walmart, featuring furs and exquisite materials—worthy of a Vogue magazine cover.

The Elizabeth and James website states that the line, “...embodies an eclectic lifestyle by blending uptown and downtown elements with casual and traditional styles.” Featuring leather pants, feather-trimmed shirts, and the like, the clothing line is the perfect style for It Girls and It Girls-to-be. The line is perfect for layering the pieces (think: an outfit for a day walking around the city with a coffee in hand). Pieces in the Elizabeth and James line are very similar to looks Mark-Kate and Ashley wear themselves, the perfect combination of boho and classic.

The line has yet to make a fashion show debut at New York Fashion Week, but new lookbooks are created for Fall, Holiday, Pre-Spring, Spring, and Resort seasons. Included in the brand are women’s and men’s clothing, jewelry, shoes, and eyewear—all reminiscent of May-Kate and Ashley’s own, personal styles: glamour, bohemian, and classic touches all blended together.

Interested in buying a piece from the collection? Or even just scoping it out in person? There are many retailers that carry the Elizabeth and James line, including (but not limited to): Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Shopbop, and Net-A-Porter.

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