Apr 9, 2012

Fashion Treasures

Today, Refinery29 presented a post on some Chicago natives and their most prized fashion treasures. Some of them were designer, some old family heirlooms, some precious gifts. But the post got me thinking about what my fashion treasure would be. I don't own anything of a big designer name, but I do have a watch I bought about a year ago, which I adore. I'm proud of it, because it was sort of a gift to myself, yet I found it as an excellent steal. It's everything I could hope for in a watch: classic, able to be dressed up or down, a solid make. I'm pretty positive this is my most treasured fashion piece. What's yours? Share a pic!


  1. You know I love this watch, but I can scarcely make out any detail in this picture. :/

  2. P.S. Not to copy you by also choosing a watch, but my most prized fashion treasure pretty much has to be my vintage Gucci watch my mom gave me for Christmas.