Mar 18, 2012

Fashion Inspo #1: The More the Merrier

In an effort to blog a bit more about fashion--not just nonstop beauty--I've decided to post about something I've noticed getting increasingly popular in the fashion/blogging community. I'm talking, of course, about layered jewelry. Personally, I love stacking my rings, bracelets, watch, necklaces, everything. So here are a few examples of layered jewelry that I find inspiring. These photos do not belong to me. The source blogs are linked
below each photo.
Also, is Fashion Inspo a completely lame title for this kind of post? Please let me know what you think I should call these.
P.S. How does my Mac not accept inspo as a word?


  1. i am so with you!!! love all these pics!

  2. Thanks, doll. I definitely think there's an overlap in our aesthetics. :3