Sep 15, 2011

D.I.Y. Brown Sugar Lip Scrub

My lips are basically always chapped. (I don't drink water, whatever.) But lately it's been worse than can be remedied by my usual overnight slathering of Aquaphor, so I've been on the market for lip scrubs/exfoliants. I found out th at sugar scrubs are the way to go. Sara Happ's Brown Sugar Lip Scrub (image from receives unanimously high reviews, but I can't bring myself to drop $24 on what is essentially brown sugar and some kind of oil in a pretty, little jar. I decided to concoct a similar product using only items I already have lying around my house. There are other variations of do-it-yourself lip scrubs, but this is what I did:
1. Start off with clean, dry lips.
2. Scoop about a tablespoonful of brown sugar into a small bowl/cup/whatever (I used a little sauce bowl.)
3. Smear a generous amount of Vaseline all over your lips.
4. Dip Vaseline-smeared fingertip into brown sugar
bowl. Whatever sugar sticks to your finger, rub it into your lips. Use common sense here people: Don't rub too hard or too long. (Insert "that's what she said" joke.)
5. Use a warm, wet washcloth to wipe off the scrub.
6. Dry off, and apply some Vaseline as a balm.
That's it. Easy peasy. Here are my lips after scrubbing:
You don't get a "before" picture, because I look like a leper. What do you think? Have you ever used a lip scrub? If so, did you buy it or make your own?


  1. Hey Girl! You won the second prize in my Dainty Thank You Giveaway! Congrats!!! :)
    Please email me your mailing info (name and address) as soon as you can, thank you!

  2. Oh, you might need my email as well :)

  3. i am SO trying this-- living in el paso had been horrendous on my lips! this will be included in my night time regime... for daytime, i can't live without my tinted lip balm in rose from burts bees.